What is Image Falsification;  A proposed schema:  Falsification Table

“Changing Standards for Manipulation of Digital Images in Biomedical Articles”: Poster presentation of research on author instructions at 446 biomedical journlas.  Presented at 2011Council of Science Editors Annual Meeting.  CSEPoster2011

Four Best Practices in Image Integrity for Journal Editors: From panel discussion at the Council of Science Editor’s annual meeting.    Journal-BestPractices

Data Management for Digital Images: Precis overview of the issues involved in image integrity for researchers in biomedicine; covers publication and data management; appropriate for use in seminars and presentations: Digital Image Data Management

ORI Forensic Tools for Quick Examination of Scientific Images and Plagiarism. Tools developed by the federal Office of Research Integrity for examining digital images. http://ori.hhs.gov/tools/

Books and Publications on Image Data Processing in Biomedical Science.

John Russ:  Books on Digital Image Data Processing

Doug Cromey:  Website, Online Learning Tool,  Ethical Guidelines,

Jerry Sedgewick:  Book on Scientific Imaging in Photoshop

Timeline:  Prominent events in issues digital data- images:  DigitalImageTimeline