Images and retractions: A rising trend

John Kruger of the federal Office of Research Integrity tackled tough and important
questions about retractions—and especially retractions involving
data images—in the December 2012 ORI newsletter article. He posed three
• What is the scope of the retraction problem?
• What factors contribute to the rise in the retraction trend?
• Based on the answers to the first two, are there tangible
measures (beyond talk and exhortation) that various
constituencies can do to combat this trend?
Throughout the article he deals with problems of data images.

He observes that the “most notable shift in allegations of misconduct over
the past decade has been the increase in the number of ORI cases that
involved questioned images” and goes on to discuss what the rise of
retractions in general and those involving images tells us about the
nature of research misconduct.

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