ORI’s new video about international postdocs

The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) has created video scenarios about common concerns that international postdocs and their U.S. colleagues face in working collaboratively in research laboratories.  Some of the videos deal with communications challenges while others deal with everyday problems with visas, finances, and  the details of studying and conducting research in a foreign culture.

Although the series does not directly address research integrity, it is clear that communication issues are often barriers to productive research work.  If problems with culture compromise communication between postdocs and mentors about ordinary work issues, they affect even more the mentor’s ability to convey expectations about the complex issues of research integrity.    In our experience from questions following seminars, and  consultations, cultural differences can easily lead to miscommunication and errors in research ethics, and there are few resources for either party when attempting to resolve the outcomes.  This video is a needed beginning to a long overdue dialog.

The videos are available at http://ori.hhs.gov/mentoring-international-post-docs


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