Demystifying Scientific Misconduct Issues through the Instructions to Authors

Mary Scheetz, PhD, Research Integrity, LLC,  Patty Baskin, MS,  Executive Director, Neurology Journals, Ken Kornfield, Senior Managing Editor,  American Society of  Clinical Oncology.

What should good instructions to authors (IAs) include?   Five journal’s IAs were examined for completeness and effectiveness,  with discussion.  We are impressed that the journal stance on data-image manipulation was a line item for each IA.  Not only do we encourage all journals to update their IAs to include specific instructions on handling data-images,  but we are equally concerned that authors seek out the best guidelines even if their journal provides no guidance (an occurrence we hope swiftly disappears).

We are grateful to Mary Scheetz and her colleagues for providing invaluable advice in these very clear slides.  We will follow up on these excellent resources in the next weeks.


Demystifying IAs:

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